Would you like to know a little more about the company HERBSTER before you buy?
We understand that.
So here we tell about the Danish entrepreneurial company, HERBSTER.


The idea for the HERBSTER line originally started as sketches on a scrapbook.

When I went to bed with the flu a few months later, I thought: “If I have to stay in bed for a few days anyways, I might as well spend the time getting on with the vision for the HERBSTER products”. From the bed I ordered ventilation pipes, nylon straps, carabiner rings, suspension hooks, etc. When I recovered, I built the first HERBSTER TUBE prototype, which was hung in the window of my office.

A few days later, my 22 year old son came by. When he caught sight of the prototype, he exclaimed, “Dad, you’ve found a lot of crap, but that one holds up.” It became the starting point for many more HERBSTER products now out in stores in several countries in Europe.

win aandahl indehaver af herbster


My whole life I have been a “crazy Gyro Gearloose”. I am actually a trained graphic designer, so it is in my DNA to find new creative solutions. In addition, through my education I have learned to take an interest in even the smallest details.

As an entrepreneur, I know that development projects rarely go quite as planned. It suits me fine, because I love challenges. It forces me to familiarize myself with new disciplines and learn about topics and issues that lie outside my previous areas of expertise. And when I get to the finish, it’s a fantastic experience to be able to clench your fists and shout out loud: “YES, it works”.

The development of the HERBSTER line nicely combines my entrepreneurial gene with my childhood. Where I was the young gardener who looked after and nurtured the plants in my own little garden. The fact that as an adult I have become a vegetarian has further strengthened my interest in all the greenery. Whether it is eating greens or decorating the home.



The UN’s global goal is our benchmark. It takes many years to build a good reputation, but just a moment to lose it again. Therefore we set the bar high for all aspects of our business. We place great demands on employee well-being both in ourselves but also with our suppliers. In addition, we always want to make choices that take the environment into the greatest possible consideration. In this way, we work every day to live up to the UN’s global goals for better development for the globe and its people.


Our “No thanks” policy is your confidence to shop with us. We don’t want to do fraudulent business, which would mean we can’t look our customers in the eye. Therefore, in some cases we may choose to say “No thanks” to orders. A message that may seem incomprehensible, but will in the long run save both parties a lot of annoyance. We do it if we consider that too low a price, too short a production time or the like would probably mean poor quality, unreliable delivery, poor durability, incorrect product descriptions, critical work conditions, etc. Which could in the long run be a burden on both our and the reputation and finances of our customers.


In order to be completely honest and gain your confidence as a customer, we focus on full transparency. Our CSR benchmarks for the company are:

  1. Innovation is an important part of the company’s DNA. This holds the risk of failing, but if one has done their best, there must be room to fail and to learn from the mistakes.
  2. Our success depends on every single employee doing their best, so we see to it that both our own employees and employees of suppliers are shown respect and have orderly working conditions.
  3. For us, fair business ethics mean that we never put a profit on the concern for animal welfare or our co-responsibility for society.
  4. We do not adhere to particular political parties or religious attitudes in our business operations.
  5. To the extent possible, we want to include vulnerable and resource-poor people.
  6. One day, our children will have to take over the globe that we leave to them. Therefore, in development and production, we always aim to make the best environmental choices.



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